10 Tips for a Solo Woman Traveler in Vietnam

Traveling through Vietnam as a Solo woman Backpacker is one of the single best things anyone can ever do for themselves. Exploring the endless wonders Vietnam has to offer you is a very great experience, allowing you to see, do and experience things most people will only ever dream of. But it goes far, far deeper than that. The experience of traveling to Vietnam as a Solo woman will absolutely change you for the better. It will make you stronger and more self confident. But in light of recent violence acts against women around the world. We think it’s a great thing to tell you a little bit about been a Solo woman traveler in Vietnam. So here are some Vietnam specific things you should take into consideration.

  1. Be Bold and Confident

Been confident is just a natural weapon against people who are trying to do you any harm or take advantage of you. Acting like you know where you are, what you are doing and showing that you are confident, even if you may not feel like it inside, sets off a huge subconscious alert of ‘don’t mess with me’ and having that serious facial expression. Thieves are looking for people who are unaware of their surroundings. Eyes forward and be aware of what’s going on around you.  People who behave and look like targets are generally the ones who become victims, so don’t let this happen to you. Just be confident!

  1. Dress Like a Local

Understanding the place you are in and the culture you are visiting is essential when backpacking so you can be sensitive to local customs and manners. Although many female Backpackers choose to be less covered when travelling to Vietnam, it is best for you to be more respectively dressed. You have to mix up with their culture like a local, because there local woman are usually not skimpily dressed so you should follow suit. Additionally you should be respectively dressed when going on a tour to their temples or any worshipping spot.

  1. Don’t draw attention to yourself.

You should try as much as possible to lower your profile, don’t draw much attention to yourself so you won’t be a victim. But not drawing attention to yourself can go far beyond appearance and can also mean moderating your behavior. This doesn’t even mean you have to conform to local standards or expectations of women, just be polite and respectful. For example, don’t drink too much and get loud, obnoxious and abusive, especially if you are in a traditionally conservative, polite country, you’ll just attract a lot of attention you don’t want.

  1. Avoid Late Nights Drinking

As a solo traveler you shouldn’t be drinking at night and If you must go out at night, then be smart. Dark and desolate places aren’t good places to enter or walk down, even if it’s a short cut. Also, know that any pointed object, like your room key (held between your index finger and middle finger) or a pen can instantly turn into a weapon if someone attacks you.

  1. Keep Your Personal Belongings

Don’t ever do the mistake of putting valuables or money in any luggage or backpack you are checking in. This includes bus journeys, taxis, and flights. Any valuables should be kept in a day-pack and on you at all times. Please be careful of your purses, phones and other valuables. This applies indiscriminately to all hostels and hotels. If you are thinking of dropping your valuables in your hostel room try and put it in some locker or you can as well keep under your pack.

I think with these simple tips and encouragement have eased your fears a little and given you the confidence to go backpacking, with reasonable common sense precautions you will reduce a lot of the already low amount of risk to your personal safety and security.

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