Accommodation in Vietnam

Are you going on a vacation or holiday to Vietnam and you thinking about the nature of accommodation in the country? You can find budget accommodation that is some of the cheapest in the region in Vietnam – great for backpacking. It often far surpasses the quality you might expect in nearby Cambodia or even Thailand. If you’re looking for a splurge, you won’t be disappointed as well. In addition to the many accommodation options for budget conscience travelers, there are many great resort facilities that comes with modernized amenities.

Moving round the country you’ll find many professional travel agents eager to book you a room in a hotel. This is usually not necessary and will likely cost you more as the travel agents also take a cut of their own charges. The Hotels will also offer to book your bus or train tickets. This is also a convenient option, but you will pay more and you aren’t guaranteed to end up on the bus that is promised. Always be a little skeptical, and do negotiate before taking a decision.

Let’s be straight candid, prices in Vietnam are quite low. Even the traveler on the highest budget will be pleasantly surprised with the costs of accommodations in Vietnam. It is typically expected that you will negotiate the price, so you should be prepared. Also ask to see the room and bathroom ahead of time to ensure you’re getting exactly what you have been told before you pay, so you won’t end up disappointed. The best advice is to wait to find accommodation until you arrive in a city. There are many travel agents that will try to persuade you to book your accommodations ahead of time and will take a cut off the top. This also significantly limits your ability to negotiate so you are likely to pay more than your fellow travelers. You may also be surprised to find that you pay more in places were touristy are not much located,

There is different range of accommodation types in Vietnam. You can find anything from a backpacker’s hostel to a budget hotel to five star resort hotels. Many hotels come equipped with things like a mini fridge, air conditioning and many other options like an on-site restaurant. You may also have a pool at your hotel, but don’t be surprised if they actually cool the water, making it a little uncomfortable to swim. Hotels are rated with “stars” and stars are given based on the amenities available, not the quality of accommodation. Even the cheapest hotels may have a fridge in the corner to boost their star rating, despite the run down nature of the facility. Generally you will be pleasantly surprised in the quality of accommodation in Vietnam.

You’ll find most of the budget accommodation clustered around the Old Quarter area. There are plenty of guesthouses in this neighborhood as well as hostels. It’s best to choose a place down an alley as it will be removed from the noise caused by traffic. Also make sure there is no construction nearby as this will wake might hinder you sleep.

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