Beaches in Vietnam

Vietnam however has emerged to be one of the top backpacking destinations in Asia. With a fascinating history, stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches and a well established backpacker circuit Vietnam will only become more and more popular as its visa is now available to many visitors. Many people have been complaining that the Vietnamese are not friendly, if you were to be someone who respects local customs you will discover that the Vietnamese, whilst proud, are far from unfriendly. For real experience you can travel past Sapa and deep into the Vietnamese hills to discover a more traditional pace of life. It is easy to spend a full month in Vietnam and many backpackers opt for at least three weeks. There are lots of Vietnam backpacking itineraries out there but here are some list of beaches in Vietnam that are the best for backpackers.

Nha Trang Beach

The long coastline running the middle of Vietnam is perhaps the most beautiful part of the country and home to the busy coastal town of Nha Trang. The beaches and the system of modern hotels help Nha Trang to become the most ideal destination for backpackers. If you are expecting to immerse in the water, look kite-flying, dive to see coral, or enjoy the peace of beach, you will no other choice that is better than Nha Trang.

Mui Ne

Before this beach became a resort it was once an isolated stretch of beach where pioneering travellers camped on the sand. Mui Ne’s lovely stretch of beach is a hot favorite for tourists looking to make the break from Vietnam’s largest city. Home to a great number of cheap hostels all jostling for competition among the gap year throngs, Mui Ne also has other attractions like the desert-like sand dunes of Doi Cat and a charming series of small fishing villages a little further up the coast.

Quy Nhon Beach

Quy Nhon is different from almost all beaches in Vietnam because you can sit all day long to watch the sea, take a sun bath and listen to waves’ songs. There are green grasses, flower garden and park easily. Each side of Quy Nhon beach brings different feelings and different colors of city. If you want to go somewhere to enjoy the peace of the life, why don’t go to Quy Nhon beach on vacation so that you can hear sound of the beach clearly. Quy Nhon is one of the less touristy beaches in Vietnam.

Hoi An

This particular area is a UNESCO heritage centre isn’t usually famed for its beaches, travelers prefer patronizing its silk and tailoring outlets instead, but that isn’t to say Hoi An’s options aren’t just as good as others. An Bahn and Cua Dai beaches are short bicycle trips out of the centre of Hoi An and are close to several fun bars and cafes. Famous among backpackers for its great parties, Hoi An Beach Club on Cua Dai is just one of those.

Son Tra Beach

Do you know Son Tra beach is recognize by Forbes List magazines as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, When you visit Son Tra beach, you can see white sandy shores clearly, feel the warmness of sunshine, immersed into blue seas as well as join attractive outside activities. As a result of this, Son Tra welcomes a thousand of tourists annually especially the summer holidays. Besides, you can enjoy local seafood at the reasonable price, stay at good hotels and go to beach whenever you want.  This beach is 30km away from Hoian ancient town where you can easily visit the ham Museum, Hoian Town, Tra Que Village and My Son temples.

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