Best Surf Camps in Vietnam

Vietnam is known to be the home of juxtaposition of paradisaical beaches and dreamlike backdrops. It’s a place where old meets new, where cultures clash, and where temples meet skyscrapers. As much as it can be a young backpacker’s heaven, it can be a lifelong traveler’s second home, Vietnam is by far the most desirable of destinations.

For many backpackers, most of Vietnam offers the perfect helping of both city and beach. From the clammy heat and bright lights of a bustling city to the sight of fishing boats pulled up on a white sandy beach, the beautiful coastlines don’t disappoint. Vietnam is also a great spot for those who are looking for sun and surf. The best time to surf Vietnam is from September to May, when the country’s east coast gets the brunt of the South China Sea’s winter swells. As is the case in many countries worldwide, the best spots to surf in Vietnam lie in and around a peninsula. So below are the best surfing camps in Vietnam.

  1. Bai Dai Beach, Nha Trang

Bai Dai Beach, this is the playground of Vietnam’s most glamorous. So if you’re looking for a stylish destination with a young, hip crowd, this is the perfect place to be in Vietnam. You can rent a wide range of boards from The Shack Surf School, with prices starting at just $10 for 1 hour. Beginners can also get private surfing lessons with English speaking instructors for $25 an hour. And if you’re a little afraid, don’t worry this beach has the longest stretch of beach in Vietnam so there will be plenty of quiet areas for you to practice.

  1. Cua Dai Beach

Not far from Hoi An is the lovely Cua Dai Beach. Over 30 km in length, the white sand beach stretches nearly to Da Nang and is one of the most popular beaches in Vietnam with foreign tourists. This beach have a very good space for surfing with clear waterways and also a good restaurant and bar to chill, after surfing.

  1. Da Nang

Da Nang is a coastal city in central Vietnam known for its sandy beaches and history as a French colonial port. The wave quality is good and the level is most suited to experienced and confident surfers. The beach-break waves favor left rides and there’s always the menace of dangerous rips. For the ultimate surfing thrill, the best time to surf here is in the winter. Da Nang itself is an up and coming area and today, you will find the riverfront dotted with slick hotels, bars and restaurants.

  1. Lang Co Beach

It boasts a lively atmosphere, friendly people, and it’s also a great place for water sports. But if you’re chasing big waves, this probably isn’t the best place to be. Klong Dao Beach is well known for its low, approachable tides making the ideal surfing spot for beginners, intermediates and people who don’t take the sport too seriously.

  1. My Khe Beach

This is a popular surf spot for adrenaline-loving locals and it’s a sure promise that it will be bustling with both surfers and sun-bathers at weekends. So if you’re looking for a lively atmosphere and somewhere that’s family friendly, head to My Khe Beach for a day. For surfers, the waves at White Beach are fun and suitable for all levels, making it the ideal nursery surf for beginners.




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