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Even though many persons still think of war and suffering whenever they hear about Vietnam, it is still seen now as a booming and exciting tourist zone. Vietnam’s tourist attraction includes the tropical rain forest, coasts with beautiful beaches and spectacular rock formations, ethnic minorities, mountains. There are equally an interesting range of adventures and a sport to get immersed in. thus it is an interesting place to consider backpacking and going on a tour to. The Vietnamese are very homely people and welcome the presence of tourists. If you are looking to book for a backpacking tour in Vietnam, here are a few tips to consider, to avoid getting scammed and to plan for an awesome tour in Vietnam.

  1. Book your tours and transport tickets in Vietnam.

It is advisable to always book for tours on arrival in Vietnam. Avoid booking online pre-arrival, as you will most definitely discover that it was much more expensive and the tours not as well structured as you would have wanted. When you arrive in Vietnam, you can even find group tours which are far less expensive. Sinh Tourist and Delta Adventures are examples of tourist guides who offer well-structured tours at incredible prices.

  1. Accommodation

While planning for your tour, it is important to plan for your accommodation too. Rooms in Vietnam can be quite cheap and of high quality. Couchsurfing is quite common at Vietnam and camping out on beaches is relatively easy. Dorm rooms are however often the best, with a bed costing as low as $4.

  1. Plan for backpacking activities.

In Vietnam, backpacking activities are plenty, cheap and so much fun. Rental of motorbikes cost about $5 a day and a general tour or activity could cost about $20 per person daily. Research carefully and pack appropriately for every activity you think you might like to engage in. you might consider packing strong sturdy shoes for mountain climbing, or long pants and comfy shoes for hiking.

  1. Secure your identity

In order to avoid panic in case you lose an item such as your passport or you need any important form of identification, it is important that you have an alternative, thus it is advisable to mail yourself copies of all your documents and identity cards, so that you can access them from anywhere in the world. On the other hand you can plan for a “”safe pocket where you can keep your passports and ID.

  1. Be careful of fake agencies

Vietnam has numerous copy-cat agencies who steal clients from renowned agencies, disguised with the same name and logo. It highly important to research the address of any agency you intend to patronize before leaving, in order to avoid rolling with the wrong persons.

  1. Grab a language guide

When you visit a place for the first time, you don’t want to miss out o communication, hence it is advisable to take along a language guide and memorize emergency phrases and common words in Vietnamese.

  1.  Shopping in Vietnam

What completes a tour more than shopping? If you plan on shopping, plan ahead and research on the kind of things you would like to buy. Note that when you shop in Vietnam, avoid touching things you have not decided to buy, otherwise the seller might think you want it and force you to buy it. It is wise to have a budget.

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