Cat Tien National Park

Are you thinking of making backpacking to Vietnam soon? Do you have an itinerary that includes Cát Tiên National Park? Then it is important you plan carefully for this trip, in order to experience maximum fulfillment.
Cát Tiên National Park in Vietnam is a house to ancient trees, gardens and recreational tracks. It is a park that offers shelter to numerous wildlife, scarce birds and primates that are almost in extinction. Outside the park, situated on the river Đồng Nai is the Cát Tiên archaeological site which has archaic temples and artifacts. This park with an area of about 72,000 hectares is actually one of the exceptional natural wonders in Vietnam. Any backpacker in Vietnam would not want to miss the exhilarating experience of touring this park. Below are 5 things to consider while visiting Cát Tiên National Park in Vietnam.

    when visiting Cát Tiên National Par, it is important to note that the region is very seasonal, therefore it is important to note when exactly you will feel more comfortable touring the site. The weather would determine the kind of clothing to pack up.
  2. WINTER: In Vietnam, November marks the beginning of the rainy season. During this period, the weather is a little bit cooler than normal. It usually lasts up until April of the next year. You would need to pack warm clothing. Touring prices tends to reduce during this season due to the low number of backpackers. From the middle of the month of December until the month of February, the season is at its peak. Trees shed their leaves, making it easy to observe the birds and animals. It is a relatively cool period.
  1. SUMMER: This season commences around the month of May and lasts until October. During this period, the weather is clear and almost any place can be toured. Note; that for a place like Vietnam which is home to a teeming crowd of backpackers, this time of the year would attract even more number of backpackers.  The month of July and August is known to be highly seasonal and prices of hotels and accommodation tend to be higher.
    Vietnam is a home to tourists, no matter the season, so it is normal to encounter a crowd at every tourist site. It is also important to note that amidst the true tourists are also certain fakes whose only
    aim is to pick the pockets of unsuspecting tourists. If possible, it is advisable to get a waist back, which you can easily monitor and walk with your hands on your bag when in crowded places, to avoid being a victim.
    Also in case you end up falling a victim to bag theft, it is advised to email copies of every means of identification you possess to yourself. It is also advised to make a copy of the front page and entry stamp on your passport and take along with you to serve as a means of identification. Do not go around with the original copy of your passport.
    It is highly recommended that you make arrangements with your accommodation for a pick-up from or to the highway. Due to the risk of bike accidents, as this is the most readily available means of transport to tourist. Therefore book for transport and accommodation at the same time.
    The park headquarters holds two restaurants. “Yellow bamboo”, which is seen as the better one is situated at the back of the main office and is fashioned in a café style with very reasonable priced foods and an
    amazing view of the river. “Dipterocarpus”, the second is situated about a hundred meters south. A mile north of the headquarters is the forest floor lodge restaurant, which serves nice delicacies in a beautiful environment. The park headquarters houses the Hornbill bar in “Forestfloorlodge”.
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