Cửa Lò Area in Vietnam

Cửa Lò which was founded in 1994, is a town in Nghệ An province that houses the Cửa Lò beach which is known to be a beehive of fun, the most beautiful beach by the World Tourism Organization and one of the cleanest beaches in Vietnam. It is a really lovely seaside town with an amazing length of beach. It does not feel crammed up as there is enough space for lots of persons, despite its busy nature. It is best to visit the beach during summer which is between April and August, as during this period, it features a mild weather, with its balance of salinity, clear water and smooth sandy beaches. Since it is not usually the first port of call for foreigners, it continues to remain less crammed up, unlike many other beaches. It is very difficult to find an English speaking folk, therefore its advised to learn and practice a few survival phrases when visiting, such as Hello, Where is the toilet? How do I get there? How much?  Etcetera.

The Cửa Lò beach is arc shaped of about 10 kilometres length occupied by various well laid out accommodations and resorts with a lot of relaxation options such as sea-bathing, sauna, mountain climbing, Etcetera. There are about 260 hotels and guest lodges with over 7000 rooms in Cửa Lò beach. These hotels range from one to five star hotels. Examples include: pacific hotel, green hotel, Muong Thanh Cua Lo hotel, Sai Gon Kim Lien hotel Etcetera. There are also about 300 restaurants with about 20 of them already standard civilized business restaurants. Cửa Lò cuisines are usually known for a special flavour from sea foods such as oysters, catfish, squid, Etcetera. Cửa Lò is also popular for its glamorous gifts made out of sea shells, sea snails. Corals and star fish, which most tourists take back as memorable souvenirs for their friends and family. Very close to the beach are three islands, Hon Mat, Hon Chu and Hon Ngu which is characterized by natural and ancient landscape, very attractive to tourists. Two other island are also associated with Cửa Lò, as they shield Cửa Lò beach from heavy storms and strong winds moving in from the China Sea: Lan Chau which is towards the north of Cửa Lò, and Song Ngu which is towards the Southeast.

Cửa Lò has about 30 historic sites which includes 9 temples and pagodas known as national monuments such as Nguyen Su Hoi temple, Lo Son pagoda, Dao Ngupagoda, Bau Loi temple all of which have different festivals. As a tourist visiting this beautiful city, listening to folk songs and learning about their culture, language and history would be one interesting pastime. Cửa Lò usually has a festival on May 1st, to welcome the first tourists for the summer period.

While touring this amazing city, It is however important to remember the saying “when in Rome, behave like the Romans” and try to respect certain culture and tradition of the Vietnamese people.

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