Vietnam is a great country that has an abundance of small festivals and celebrations that’s if you can witness them when you visit the country. Vietnamese celebrate their festive period differently. They sometimes have solemn gatherings by an altar or sometimes take it to a country wide celebration. Most of the celebrations in Vietnam highlight the countries interesting culture rather than being one big party. Nonetheless, visiting during these special occasions is an interesting experience for travelers and backpackers.

Here are the top 5 festivals you must not miss while in Vietnam

Tet or Tet nguyên dán

This is the most special and important day in Vietnam, Its is formally celebrated by farmers to thank the gods for the arrival of springs. Now the Tet festival has grown to be the official New Year celebration Vietnam which often last for three days, and is very similar to the way the Chinese celebrate their New Year. One of the memorable moments is the streets are donned with flowers, people decorate their homes, and families often get together to celebrate this special holiday.

Trung Nguyen: The Ghost Festival

This festival is the second largest festival in Vietnam, It usually falls on the 15th day of the seventh month but the celebrations are held anytime during the latter half of the month. Even if you’re not religious, this celebration is celebrated, acknowledging the existence of good and evil. The local people believe that everyone has two souls, a spiritual soul and your material soul (Hon and Via). When your person dies, they believe that your soul is sent to either heaven or hell and is judged by ten justices, sending your soul to either heaven or hell.

Hoi An Lantern Festival

 Hoi An’s ancient town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site on Vietnam’s central coast. Every month, when the full moon shines, fluorescent lights are switched off, roads are closed to traffic and the streets are illuminated with thousands of colourful lanterns. Backpackers are allowed to join in the festival and enjoy old games, delicious foods and sweet musics.

 Chu Dong Tu Festival

This festival is named after the four immortal gods of Vietnamese pantheon. The festival takes place in Chu Dong Tu Temple in Da Hoa and Da Trach, near Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi. dragon procession, martial arts competition, powerful lion dances and soulful Cheo are part of the rituals performed. The festival is celebrated for two days.

Hue Festival

This festival is celebrated to honors the social values of Vietnam’s former capital city, Hue (Hanoi became the capital of Vietnam in 1976 after the North’s victory in the Vietnam War). Enjoy the wide variety of poetry, exciting street art performances, colorful exhibitions, drum and percussion concerts, and historical films.

And here are some other memorable festivals you can go to during your stay in Vietnam

  • Tay Son Festival – A Martial arts demonstrations in Tay Son District, plus garlanded elephants on parade
  • Phat Dan – A lantern festival to commemorate Buddha’s birth
  • Lim Singing Festival – This is celebrated Two weeks after Tet
  • Thanh Minh – Ancestral graves are cleaned and offerings of food, flowers and paper votive objects

Do Son Buffalo-fighting Festival – Held in Do Son village to fight with Buffalos

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