Paradise Cave in Vietnam

If you plan backpacking in Vietnam, then you have probably planned out an itinerary, and researched about fun places to visit in Vietnam, such as the “Paradise cave”. Otherwise this article will serve as an exposure on this amazing tourist attraction. Below are few things to note when visiting the paradise cave in Phong Nha-Ke National park, Vietnam. According to the British Cave Association, the paradise cave also known as Thiên Đường Cave, is about 31 kilometres long, 150 meters wide and 100 meters high. It is known as the longest dry cave in Asia. It is a beautiful cave with vaulted ceilings embellished in stalactites and stalagmites of several metres length that will make you feel so small in comparison. These stalactites glitter like diamonds and some have numerous diverse stones and breasts of various colors and designs embedded deep in them. In the year 2012, a new species of scorpion, known as Vietbocap thienduongensis was discovered in the cave. The cave is absolutely massive and its lighting is all natural colors, unlike the reds and greens in numerous other caves.

1.      Avoid tour groups.

You will have a more fulfilling experience if you avoid tour groups, group tours sometimes might be dangerous, because you don’t know each other before and you don’t know why most people are there. This groups arrives mostly towards noon. It is advisable to arrive early, so as to enjoy the experience all by yourself.

2.      Be prepared to take pictures

there are lots of amazing sights to gawk at, so you will definitely need pictures as evidence of what you have beheld. However, a tripod will come in handy for those with SLR cameras, but the flat sturdy handrails of the boardwalk can also do the trick for long exposure shots.

3.      Transportation to the cave

there are two ways to get into the cave from the entrance. Its either you walk or take an open-air shuttle bus. It is advisable to take a walk, because when you take a qalk you will have the opportunity to see some places and as well maybe take some pictures. It also saves your money and you will enjoy the experience.

4.      Plan your dressing

the cave is quite accessible, so there wouldn’t be need for a hiking gear. However, since there are numerous steps, it is advised to wear comfortable shoes good for trekking as you will encounter few sharp rocks along the way. You can also take along a swimming suit to swim in the underground river.

5.      Lighting.

It is advised to have your own personal flash light while touring the cave due to the darkness. Lighting source like your mobile phones, lamps or torch light, but be smart when you using your mobile as torch light.

6.      Despite the darkness of the cave, there are different species of creatures, fishes, bats, spiders, crickets and lots more. You will definitely encounter several bats sticking to the roof within your first 3.5kilometers.

7.      The “Heaven well”

There is a beautiful place termed the “Heaven well”, which you will come upon in about an hour of into your tour. According to the Eastern concept, this depicts the harmony between heaven and earth to reproduce the cosmic stuff

8.      It is advised to take along a dry or water proof bag you can use to protect whatever electronic such as cameras, cell phones against the water when crossing over or swimming through the underground river.

9.      Ensure that you are physically fit as you will walk a lot. If you are not comfortable with long walks, then just a few meters of touring the cave would be appropriate for you. Do not go aiming for a 7kilometre distance trek.

10.  Plan your expenses.

The most recent entrance fee into the park is about 40,000VND ($2USD). The parking fee is about 5,000 – 15,000VND ($0.25-$0.75), the entrance fee into the cave is about 120,000VND ($6 USD) while the fee for a
buggy ride is about 100,000VND ($5USD+).

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