Places to Visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is the thirteenth most populous country in the world, Located Southeast Asia. It has a very rich history and culture. Vietnam is a favorite tourist destination because of its natural environment and geography. Vietnam is famous for its unique architecture and traditional festivals which are worth watching for. Fun, energetic and beautiful, Vietnam is a must-visit destination. With world class cuisine, a truly breath taking coastline and stunning National Parks, holidays to Vietnam have it all. Vietnam’s coastline boasts of 20 beautiful beaches such as Ha Long, Do Son, Sam Son, Nha Trang, Vung Tau and Ha Tien. Nature lovers that have visited Ha Long Bay have seen the unique formations on its islands and rocks. There are wonderful caves and grottoes that are also worth visiting. The Dalat City tourist resort has pine forests, breathtaking waterfalls, and beautiful flowers. National parks have great collections of precious flora and fauna. You can visit Cuc Phuong, Cat Ba, and Con Dao. Famous bird sanctuaries are the Minh Hai Sanctuary and the Tam Nong Sanctuary.

If you are planning a Vietnam holiday and are after some inspiration on where to go and what to see, we have rounded up the top five places to visit during your trip.

  • Hoi An

This delightful town is full of historic architecture works, almost totally free from traffic or pollution. In the past, Hoi An was a major port, but silting of the Thu Bon River meant that larger ships could no longer dock here, preserving the town’s provincial character. There are some outstanding street food restaurants to sample here and the Japanese covered bridge first constructed in the 1590s is a popular landmark to spot. Though not an active trading center now, it has restored and preserved its old charm.

  • Halong Bay

This site was designated as a World Heritage Site in 1994 and is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinationsSpreading over more than 1500 square Km, containing over 1500 limestone islands, Boat cruises offer tours around the myriad of mini islands.

  • Paradise Cave

This great cave is said to be the largest dry cave in the world and has only been open since 2011. The cave extends for more than 31km, although only the first 1,000m is accessible to the public. There are wooden staircases to take you down 500 steps past gigantic glittering crystal stalactites and stalagmites.

  • Imperial Citadel of Thang Long Hanoi

Vietnam was credited with another UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010, the large central part of Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, at Hanoi. For thirteen successive centuries, this site continued to be that country’s political capital, and served as its capital for over 8 centuries.

  • Cat Tien National Park

This area is one of the country most precious natural resources. You can enjoy hiking, mountain biking and tours through the National Park and it’s one of the best bird-watching and wildlife-watching spots in Southern Vietnam.

  • War Remnants Museum

If you visit Vietnam and you didn’t pay a visit to this great site, your trip isn’t complete. There are displays different types of artillery, weaponry, bombs and personal accounts of war experiences. The museum does display a large amount of sensitive material including photographs documenting the UD bombing and napalming.

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