Shopping in Vietnam

Are you backpacking through Vietnam? Perfect, you’ll enjoy a wonderful climate, you are going to visit some incredible places and probably you’ll end up buying many more things than you had intended. Many tourists can’t help but throw themselves head-first into shopping while in Vietnam. The variety of quality goods and the tempting prices of goods in Vietnam will surely attract you to buy more. Many backpackers’ travelers considered Vietnam a heavenly place because in many shopping situations they can bargain the prices down to as much as a third of the original cost you can get anywhere else. The list of Vietnamese bargains is seemingly endless and features bespoke tailoring and the national dress, the ‘ao dai’ from high-quality silk and many other types of material and textiles while many shoppers cannot get enough of the local handicraft, art and jewelry.

In Vietnam, clothes are sold in three main areas, including shopping centers, local markets, and small shops along streets. In Hoi Chi Minh City the streets of the city are lined with small outlets selling indigenously produced toys, souvenirs and clothing most of which are very reasonably priced. Shopping in Vietnam is a mix of small vendors peddling locally made handicrafts to large western style department stores selling much more up market fare.

Vietnam shopping malls are located mostly in big cities like Vietnam, namely Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hai Phong, Danang and many others. Apart from high-end clothes, in Vietnam shopping malls, you still have a chance to grasp clothes of your taste with reasonable prices and of good quality, which are of Vietnamese popular domestic brands such as Blue Exchange, N&M, Canifa and Ninomaxx. Nem is a Vietnamese brand but its price is as costly as other international brands. Prices in shopping malls are fixed, so there won’t be room for bargaining.

That’s why it is suggested to go to the Local Market and make use of your bargaining skills to get the best deals for yourself.  Moreover, In Vietnam local market most of their shops are small so there might not be space for you to try on clothes, so it could be quite inconvenient to find your best suit. Yet, sometimes, luckily, you could catch clothes of acceptable quality and in trendy designs. When you find yourself In Vietnam local markets just keep in mind that you have the right to bargain.

Places like Saigon Square in Ho Chi Minh City and Nga Tu So Market in Hanoi are favorite local markets for shop lovers. If you are not a lover of local markets or its ambience as well as its inconvenience, clothing shops scattering on streets could meet your demands. Shops with Made in Vietnam signboards would be your ideal choice as their clothes are of quite good materials, in elegant designs and at reasonable prices. Better still, they have your size as almost all of their products are made for exporting.

There are some shops in Vietnam with English names such as Boys, Vietnamese Name+ Mode, “Vietnamese name+ Fashion and many others are the ones selling clothes made in China, and the qualities as well as the price are also “better” than those sold at local markets. There is a point of shopping where we can buy everything at a good price, but you have to go looking for different zones specialized in every kind of product. With all this tips listed above am sure you will have a great moment shopping in Vietnam.

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