Top 10 Waterfalls in Vietnam

Vietnam is the beautiful home to numerous magnificent waterfalls, and a paradise for adventure trips. Most Vietnamese mountainous areas are jungle covered and hide a lot of pristine waterfalls, which are still untouched and unspoiled. Apart from the beautiful beaches and the desert sand dunes you will see in Vietnam, deep in the jungle blanketed mountains lie some of their most thrilling waterfalls. Waterfalls also create refreshing pools and mist-cooled spots for contemplation and relaxing. As ancient rivers wend their way through the high country, water cascades over precipices, carving the rock and earthen landscape away. Some have been altered by man; others have been left to the hand of nature. But they are all incredible. Take a look at some of the most popular, and a few that are off the beaten path.

  1. Ban Gioc

This is the most popular waterfall in Vietnam, Located in the northeastern province of Cao Bang, the falls are 30 meters high and 300 meters across, making Ban Gioc the widest – but not the highest – waterfall in the country. These falls are highly recognizable as one of the most iconic natural wonders of Vietnam. There is a short, 10-minute walk from the parking lot, but you’ll go through beautiful rice paddies. Here the Quây Sơn River flows into the stunning Bản Giốc Waterfall and the view is simply breathtaking. Ban Gioc is the world’s fourth biggest border-crossing waterfalls.

  1. Thac Bac Waterfalls – SaPa

This waterfall is located about 12km from the centre ofSa Pa town. With Just a short motorbike ride out of downtown Sa Pa, you’ll pass a tall waterfall on the side of a hill. The rattan bridge crossing over the stream below just makes the falls that much more scenic to look at. On a sunny day, lying at a height of 500 meters, overlooking Sapa valley, Thac Bac can be seen like a white dragon looking down from the sky from Ham Rong Mountain.

  1. Elephant Falls – Dalat

Elephat waterfall is located about 25 kilometers southwest of Da Lat City of Lam Dong Province in Nam Ban Townlet, Lam Ha District. You can hire a guide to take you there with a group, or hop on your trusty motorbike and zip off to southwest Da Lat into the twisting, curving well-maintained road that will take you through countryside. You’ll pass more rolling rice patties, friendly farming villages and gorgeous jungle mountains that seem to overtake you. Not too long into the walk to the waterfalls you can already hear it roar as all the water comes thundering down. There is also a little cave you can squeeze yourself into that takes you behind the curtain of water.

  1. Pongour Waterfall

Found amongst the rugged landscape of scenic mountainous in the countryside of Vietnam, flowing over seven levels of rock. When visitors visit Pongour waterfall, they are also amazed by the hundreds of vivid wildflowers covering poetic paths leading to the isolated waterfall. Layers upon layers of waters pouring down create white foam and magical cool air The French as ‘the most significant waterfall of Indochina”. The fact that it is surrounded by unspoilt forest just makes it seem that much more secluded.

  1. Ban Gioc

Ban Gioc is Located in the North, Ban Gioc is one of the 4 biggest cross-border waterfalls in the world. Over 200 meters wide and a drop of more than 70 meters, Ban Gioc Waterfall offers a stunning site of 3 layers of cliffs among a picturesque, rich green background. Here the Quây Sơn River flows into the stunning Bản Giốc Waterfall and the view is simply breathtaking. Both countries have bamboo rafts that take visitors around the base of the falls for better views.

Other notable waterfalls

  1. Hieu Waterfall – Thanh Hoa
  2. Tac Tinh Waterfall
  3. Thuy Tien Waterfall
  4. May Waterfall
  5. Bao Dai Waterfall
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