War Remnant Museum

Vietnam is home to backpackers due to the high number of tourist attractions. Amongst these attractions is the War remnant museum located at 28 Vo Van Tan, in district 3, Ho Chi Mihn city (Saigon), which is quite popular with tourists from western countries. This museum is unlike the any other is quite explicit with its display of war artifacts and documentation of atrocities. This museum boasts of US armored vehicles, bomb, infantry weapons and artillery pieces on display.  A trip to this museum would bring any tourist close to the feel of what the war felt like. The upstairs part of the museum is home to a range of horrifying evidence from the war while the ground floor displays posters and pictures that were in support of the anti-war movement internationally. Indeed anyone visiting this site needs to be aware of what awaits.

  1. Be prepared to be haunted

As earlier stated, this museum presents harrowing pictures and remnants of the US-Vietnamese war. One of such is the picture of a Vietnamese woman having a rifle against her head, heaps of corpses of Vietnamese people whose deaths were unnecessary, a nude Vietnamese girl suffering from napalm burns running down a road, amongst others. Several tourists have admitted to feeling horrified at the sight of many of these artifacts. Many of these displays tell stories of the war and the fight for independence better than any verbal narrations.

  1. Research and read about the Vietnam War before visiting. This is highly important; otherwise you won’t get much out of the trip.
  2. Avoid taking children with you, as the museum is not kid-friendly and might only serve to terrify them. Much of the artifacts is disturbing and could leave the kid traumatized.
  3. Language guide: much of the language on display are in Vietnamese and English, asides from the interactions with the locals, it is nice to have a language guide, so as to help in interpretations.
  4. Security: This museum is known to attract about half a million of tourists every year. Therefore there is a tendency of moving with large crowds, it is thus highly advised to be security conscious against petty thieves and pickpockets.

6.      This museum gives an uncensored version of the Vietnam War. It is most definitely not for the faint hearted. It gives a perfect rendition of history to serve as a warning against repetition of certain mistakes. As they say, those who do not know the history are bound to repeat it. Its top floor has displays of many anti-Vietnamese, anti-American statements. At the museum exit are impression books where tourists leave comments about their visit. Be prepared to leave a trail as evidence that you visited the museum. In the 35 years of its existence, this museum has welcomed about 15 million tourists, thus it is one of the only tourist attraction associated with culture and history, which is accorded credit by worldwide. I must admit that this is a great place for writers,  researchers and lovers of history to visit and get inspired.

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