What to do when short changed and ripped off in Vietnam

Vietnam is a great country with vibrant cities, good cuisine, fascinating history and culture, with also good white sand beaches and beautiful waterways. Vietnam is a country ready to create beautiful experiences for everyone. With all the beautiful sides of Vietnam there are also some bad side Vietnam throws at you, Vietnam has its share of scams that target tourist. So many people have shared their bad experiences about been ripped off in Vietnam or Short Changed. But it’s not worth missing out on the amazing experiences Vietnam has to offer, or being put off by the scams played by a few dishonest people. As long as you know some of the scams in Vietnam even before you go, you will be able to watch out for yourself, and you will have a trouble-free time in Vietnam. Here are some of the common scams and tricks in Vietnam, and what to do next even if you fall a victim.

Taxi Scams

Taxi drivers in Vietnam use some cunning methods to rip off tourists. They use simple tricks to deliberately short changed people and they sometimes do more methods to nab your cash. They are very perfect for their scams and money grabbing methods. So it’s important to know some of the tricks they might use. They use tricks like, Taken a longer route to maximize the fair, they sometimes have deal with some hotels in Vietnam, so when they pick you up they take you to an unknown hotel you didn’t book for, they sometimes pretend that they don’t have change and so many other trick. So if you are a victim of Taxi Scam the best way to deal with it is to just opt for making a scene &/or just leaving a pittance and walking off the risk getting your head bashed in, It’s up to you. In Vietnam Vinasun and MaiLinh has proven to be the safest and also reliable.

Cyclos Scams

In Vietnam there are some three rim bicycles/trishaws you will see coating the roads at different tourist attractions sites throughout Vietnam. Try your best to avoid them and their persuasions. What they do is to find a way to convince you and provide you a drive where you can pay as much as you want, or not at all! It is essential that you agree on a fixed price before starting your journey. Check if the price is total or per person and always assume it is a one way. cyclo journeys for one hour should not cost more than about 80,000VND ($4USD), no matter where in Vietnam you are. Because the cylco driver might charge you more and you basically have no option but to pay. However, it must be said that a cyclo encounter can be an exciting one. To secure yourself, believe the fact an obvious cost before choosing one and ensure that you quit at an area you know.

Street Vendors Scams

One of the beautiful things about Vietnam cities is the street vendors. These street vendors are those who sell almost everything from flowers, fruits to foods, books and anything. If you know that you want to patronize them try and be very conscious of your environment and be at alert: some of these friendly-looking people may be the cunning ones who try to make more money out of you.

There is a common trick they use; they will strike up conservation and working alongside the pickpockets. While you’re distracted, a friend of them will be walking close by, or a small child will come up to you, and then your wallet is missing. So try your possible best to be risk conscious.

Overcharging or Short Changed

This is a common trick all over the world but it is much more easily implemented here due to the large note denomination. Here are some tricks they use, they confuse you with the currency, some of them claim they have no change, giving you damage or fake notes, using exchange rates to their benefits. You can always avoid this by Going online and know the present exchange rate, always confirm what currency a price is in and pay in the currency they’ve quoted, behave like a local like you know all about their currency and others. And if you ever fall for this scam try and contact your tour guide or travel consultant. During your tour, your travel consultant is always just a phone call away within 24 hours to make you feel comfortable and secured.

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